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Commentary on Market Challenges and Recent Awards

2016 has started out with some volatility and a drop in the stock market.   While no one likes to see the value of their account decline, it certainly is the nature of investing, to accept the ups and downs that are an inherent part of a long-term investment plan.  Themes that have surfaced from conversations:

1)  Ups and downs are part of investing, and controlling emotions is paramount to making good financial decisions.  The two most harmful emotions are fear and greed.

2)  Stock market downturns are essential to help reset expectations and create attractive prices.  Those attractive prices create the next move-up for the stock market.

3)  Falling oil prices helps approximately 85% of our economy and should be viewed as a net positive.

As always, what happens to the stock market in a month or a year should not have a material impact on a long-term investment plan.   I have been rebalancing portfolios to address the market changes, but please contact me if you'd like to talk about these recent events.

I'd also like to announce that I was a recipient of two recent awards: 

5 STAR Wealth Manager by Mpls-St Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business 2012-2014, and 2016 - Disclaimer

2016 NTSA [National Tax-deferred Savings Association] Elite Advisor Award - Disclaimer