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Long-term care insurance is complex, and can be overwhelming once you have a policy to determine if you [or a loved one] qualify for benefits, whom you should contact for next steps, best place to receive care . . . and the list of questions go on.  You no longer have to worry about these types of concerns.  

EFS Advisors and Educators Lifetime Solutions [our sister company offering long-term care and life insurance products] have partnered with Lifesprk to bring you a free service where you can connect with a Life Care Manager to help navigate you and your family through the web of long-term care.  You’ll get expert guidance and fast answers. 

Additionally, Lifesprk's proactive whole-person approach helps you recuperate more quickly, reduce the chances of multiple hospitalizations, and spark your life throughout the entire process.  That makes your long-term care benefit dollars go further, and most importantly, keeps you independent and in control. Visit Lifesprk today to learn 

more: www.lifesprk.com. Or call 855-345-3317.