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The Decker Group

Financial Advisors in St. Paul and Burnsville, MN

Welcome to EFS Advisors and The Decker Group, where we have a passion for educating our clients and guiding them through life's many financial decisions.

As financial advisors, we specialize in helping teachers, school employees and individuals understand how their pension, social security and investment management fit into their retirement plan.

Even with the best decisions, many people lack the time or knowledge to manage their finances in the way they would like.

That's what makes our approach unique; we work to be more than financial advisors. Specifically, we believe in being an advocate for our clients throughout all of life's financial decisions - the big ones, the small ones, and everything in-between.

We cater specifically to those in education and individuals looking to be empowered to make decisions they can feel confident about - whether it be investments, retirement, or estate planning. With our extensive experience in the financial services industry and a well-grounded financial planning process, our team is prepared to help address our clients' unique goals and needs for retirement.

If you're looking to take charge of the many financial decisions you will make throughout their life, contact us today at 651-292-4895.